Who we are?

Who we are?

Afifi Contracting is considered a leading and distinguished institution in the field of designing and executing architectural metal works.

Asmetal as a brand is a well-known name in the eastern region. We are specialized in all kinds of metal works. We always strive to fulfill our commitments towards our clients so as to achieve the satisfaction of our honored clients.

Since the institution foundation in 1993, several projects were executed at different levels, and we are proud to present our profile to you, hoping that Asmetal gains your satisfaction and to be taken into account in future projects.

Asmetal offices are equipped in a developed manner with the latest computer systems to provide the technical support required for our engineering staff and technical experts, including design programs, projects monitoring, quantification and preparation of reports in order to ensure the highest possible efficiency at the performance level.

Safety Policy

Asmetal is responsible for all activities and the way the system works by supervising and executing occupational safety requirements in order to avoid the risks of bodily injuries and property damage.

The client’s safety representative is appointed and he participates in the regular safety meetings with other stakeholders.

Asmetal safety representative informs and guides Asmetal team on the existing and new normal safety requirements of the client.

Asmetal safety representative must conduct periodic inspection to monitor the manufacturing and storage areas to ensure safe conditions.

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Quality control policy

The solid quality plan of Asmetal always stipulates commitment along with providing our clients with the best quality products in accordance with the highest national and international standards of the quality control system.

Asmetal quality control program covers regular inspection during all stages of production, including the manufacturing, installation and delivery of all our products.

Asmetal factory is well equipped and ready to manufacture products according to Asmetal standards.

The quality control inspectors in the factory and sites conduct regular inspection and tests to ensure full compliance with our quality control system standards.

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